Washi no Yado

Staying with Washi

104 years of history

Washi no Yado

Traditional town house built in 104 years ago, is revival by YADORU KYOTO.
Comparing to the appearance from 104 years ago, we create a a comfortable staying space.

Traditional craft skill and Modern design

The combination of tradition and modern.
Keep the traditional construction and designed in the modern Japanese style.
Let me present to you: Washi no Yado.

Kurotani Washi

Kurotani Washi is a Japanese paper found in the Ayabe area, the north of Kyoto. With over 800 years of history, Kurotani Washi is hand made by the craft man piece by piece and Kurotani Washi is difficult to be broken.
Paper is usually used to write on, how surprise that the paper becomes the furniture in our daily life.

Come and stay at Washi no Yado

Experiencing the tradition and modernity of Kyoto.

Floor Plan


Facility information

Capacity: 4 people
No smoking
Check in: 16:00
Check out: 12:00
Size: 59 m²
Bed size:
Double bed 140cm×200cm 1set
Single futon 100cm×200cm 2sets

Guest room facilities

Flat LCD TV (50 inches)
Wireless internet access (free)
Ippodo tea set
Nespresso coffee maker
Balmuda toaster
Balmuda electric kettle
Cookware set
Drum type washing machine
Air purifier / humidifier